CRIMFALL’s 3rd album Amain is out NOW!
Watch our gorgeous music video Until Falls the Rain!

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First Finnish review online as well, 8,5/10 with a nice a quote ”I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Crimfall would rise aside Finnish Folk heralds like Ensiferum and Turisas”

And if you want to give it a spin before a buying, the album is also available on Spotify. But after listening – if you like it – you definitely want to support good music. Right?



Dear fans, friends and colleagues,

I’m writing this now because I want to come clean to you guys about something that has radically slowed down the pace of my life and career lately. Preparing the launch of the first Maidens of the North single Carry Your Darkness – written and arranged by yours truly – alongside touring with Crimfall, I ended up working such long hours and several weeks without any days off, that I managed to burn myself out pretty badly.

 Throughout my career I’ve been very talented in burning my candle from both ends, and I’ve developed a rather cultivated yet deceitful skill set of coping under tremendous pressure – to the point of it being seriously harmful to my physical and mental health. Too many times has my work ethic; alongside with my enthusiasm; kept me resilient enough to endure ridiculous amounts of stress, and also made me too proud to admit my limitations in time.

This time, while crashing down after an intoxicating period of serious music related work mania, I realised I was on a wrong path. I ended up in a really, really bad shape. Together with the support of my family and most of my co-workers I forced myself to just stop everything and resign from most of my projects – Maidens of the North included. I’ve mustered all the self-compassion I’ve possibly been able to, and I’ve managed to overcome the worst depths of self-loathing. Now it’s time to slowly turn the self-blame into a clear and forgiving attitude towards myself, and I think I’m on a roll here. Just now, writing this, I am filled with gratefulness. This past spring has made me realise something vital to my very existence: I don’t want to live my life like this.

Let me say it again: I don’t want to live my life like this.

 After realising that, there were two options. I could either quit or make some radical changes in my life. Realising I was in no shape whatsoever to make any major life decisions, I cancelled every work-related appointment I possibly could, and took a long escape to my family’s summer cottage in the middle of a beautiful forest, far enough from the closest neighbours. I wanted to be alone, for I had grown seriously tired of other people. Some years ago I stayed here for a summer for the very same reasons, and that time I was brave enough to make the decision to quit my that-time day job and begin a career as a striving artist. Quickly I learned it was also very possible to burn myself out without a day job. On this round that fact has truly sunk in: this time I caught myself becoming a monster to those closest to me, just by working on what I loved the most. I didn’t want to be that person anymore.

Here, surrounded by the lush green, I’ve been healing myself by doing a lot of resting, a little music and some light physical work, and now after a month or so I’m slowly starting to be in a good enough shape to make some decisions about my career. I’ve noticed my introversion is quite delicate of a kind, and at the moment maintaining my health and ability to write music is most important to me, and I can’t do that in a hectic environment and life pace that being a performing & recording artist requires. In the near future I will not be performing, apart from a few very special occasions and possibly some release-related gigs (fingers crossed for a Crimfall tour!), and after the few set releases (Amain from Crimfall in August & perchance something from VALO in the following spring) it is probable that the next release with my voice on it has to be awaited for a very, very long time. I am on the verge of something completely new here: I’m wistful to leave so much behind, but excited to find a new way of life. I kindly ask for your understanding, patience and support, my dear listeners. Who knows – maybe one day I will start a project of my own with a working pace and environment suitable for me, but at least for now I withdraw myself from singing and turn to pursue a career in writing songs for other artists.

Wish me luck! It’s a rocky road, but I think I’ve got this now.





11.4.2017 – Well that happened fast: Maidens of the North’s debut single is coming out in August! It has become clear this project is a lot of work, so alongside Crimfall’s new album’s release (also in August!) I will be focusing on getting the Maidens of the North single done and out. Also, glorious music video plans have been made. Just you guys wait! \m/,


3.3.2017 — Hey loves! A lot has happened since I last wrote here in English. Bear with me! ❤

The work we started 10 years ago with Crimfall has gotten to an unexpected climax: Metal Blade just signed us! It’s the 1st time in 5 years we’re officially a signed band, and that feels good, I tell you! Even though nowadays music can be released and distributed without ”old school” business partners (if you get the funding sorted, that is!), the fact that Metal Blade wanted to release Amain tells me they believe in us. They believe in our music. The record we’ve been working on for 6 years will finally be released in August. Kudos to all of you for your patience! I promise, it’s worth the wait!

We’ve started rehearsing for the tour (the one named after a certain female part and a prayer for it to be able to make music!) with Korpiklaani, and I have to say I enjoy tremendously being able to make the songs jump up that wee notch of the recording and enjoy a proper endorphine/adrenaline high in our hands. A few new songs will be played live too!!!

Secondly, in order but not in importance,

Me and my 7 amazing sisters started something magical: a new all-female metal band called Maidens of the North! We look forward to bringing something unique & fierce to the ever-darkening fields of metal music. As we speak, there are brilliant songs cooking in our big black magic cauldron placed upon an undying fire of inspiration; stirred with big love and pure talent, spiced up with loads of experience and impeccable taste. While anxiously waiting for the first tastes of our glorious stew, please follow us on to be sure you won’t miss a thing, when the games begin! ❤

With Maidens, my field of expertise is concidered to be Vocals (alongside with 4 other amazig singers!), piano, kantele, songwriting (which everyone takes part in, but atm the artistic desicion making –  it comes to music – lies with me and Laura), and 1st and foremost: band & vocal group conducting = Yes! I’m gonna make our instrument of 8 human voices make magic (yes: the sisters in charce of instruments sing too!), but also I’ll be there with the rythm section to help make the ensemble strong enough to rock the very foundations of the earth! \m/,
P.S. You’ll find our gorgeous introduction photos here: – and every Friday we reveal a new sister, so stay tuned!
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CRIMFALL lyö lapikasta yhteen Korpiklaanin ja Metsätöllin kanssa!

Kymmenen vuotta sitten sydäntalvella helmikuussa julkaistiin Crimfallin ensimmäinen demo (=se paras). Paljon on sakeaa vettä virrannut joessa sen jälkeen, kaksi hienoa albumia maailmaan saatettu, Euroopassakin kierretty. Silti jäänyt susirajan takaiset kotimannut suurimmalta osalta kokematta. Suuria uutisia tulossa, mutta sitä ennen julkaistaan tämä Suomen kiertue. Hienoa päästä soittamaan myös pohjoisempaan!

Crimfall will join as support for all upcoming shows!

V***u Soikoon Finland 2017:

Fri 17.3.2017 Tampere, Yo-talo

Sat 18.3.2017 Helsinki, Nosturi

Fri 24.3.2017 Oulu, Hevimesta

Sat 25.3.2017 Kuopio, Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti

Fri 31.3.2017 Vaasa, WsArena

Sat 1.4.2017 Jyväskylä, Tanssisali Lutakko

Puluboin ja Ponin lauluja -konsertti on jo ovella! Tämä on ainutkertainen mahdollisuus kuulla Helenaa rakastetun Puluboi-kirjasarjan Ponin hahmossa. Tilaa lippusi täältä!



Photo by Iiris Mäki



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